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1. Analyze

1.1. What is the scope of instructional goal?

1.1.1. Main Goal

1.1.2. Sub Goals

1.2. What are the interrelationships between the goals?

1.2.1. Hierarchical Relationships

1.2.2. Heterarchical Relationships

1.3. What are the Learner Characteristics?

1.3.1. Current Mental Model

1.3.2. Learning Environment

1.3.3. Personal Preferences

2. Design

2.1. Create a Training Structure

2.1.1. How are we going to tell our 'story'?

2.1.2. What are the milestones/moments of assessments? How many types/levels are required (e.g. formative vs. summative)?

2.2. What format(s) does the training content require?

2.2.1. Can we use existing content or do we need to create this from scratch? Text Graphics Video/Animation Interactive Content

2.3. In case there is no formalized instructional strategy: What strategy is optimal for this project?

3. Develop

3.1. Prototype

3.2. Testing

3.2.1. Preliminary Content Validation

3.2.2. Technical Implementation

4. Implement

4.1. Train the Instructor

4.1.1. Example / Trial Run

4.1.2. Provide Supportive Materials

4.2. Prepare the Learners

4.2.1. Do we need them to prepare anything?

4.2.2. Can we build up anticipation towards the course?

4.2.3. Do they need additional information?

4.3. Arrange the Learner Space

5. Evaluate

5.1. Qualitative

5.1.1. 1-on-1 Sessions

5.1.2. Focus Groups

5.1.3. Expert Feedback

5.1.4. (Anonymised) Surveys

5.2. Quantitative

5.2.1. Post Test Developed Workplace Effect Measurements

6. Preparation

6.1. What is the Timeline of the Project?

6.2. What are the Available Resources?

6.2.1. Tools

6.2.2. People / Disciplines

6.2.3. Related Work

6.3. Predetermined Requirements of Stakeholders?

7. References

7.1. ADDIE Model - The Office of Digital Learning & Innovation (DLI) - UW Bothell