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Website Planning by Mind Map: Website Planning

1. Your Opportunity

1.1. Have long standing history in the industry

1.2. Partner with many third party developer

1.3. Audiences have high trust in the company

1.4. Have authority when it come to video game design

2. Goal

2.1. To be an icon in the gaming industry

2.2. Sell third party games

2.3. Create customer loyalty

3. Your Offer

3.1. Best gaming experience

3.2. Technological innovation

4. Audience

4.1. Teen, young adult, adult with familly

4.2. value fun over look, quality gamplay over graphic

4.3. play games casually, on the go, stick to one game for a long period

5. Niche

5.1. high engagement with long time consumers

5.2. Have games that can be enjoy among familly members

5.3. Leading in the handhelp console market

6. Branding

6.1. Familly friendly

6.2. Personality: bold, innovative, fun

6.3. Positioning: The game company for every demographic