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Google Apps for Education Management

Create account, change passwords, access the spreadsheet.

manage student accounts

manage Hapara setup for teacher dashboard

teach kids to use it in class

collaborate on staff PD with Rhys

Media Marketing for the School

Posts on the website

Photography at school events

Promotional video productions

Posting student work from the lab

Teaching teachers to post student work from classrooms

Media Literacy (Tech) Cluster

Manage Schedule to follow K-5 Scope & Sequence, here's a working guide for this that rhys is working on with 3 other schools...

Plan Integrated Curriculum Projects, Coordinate with classroom teachers on student productions that build on classroom content, Encouraging teachers to use skills kids know in the classroom, K-1 independent work on skill-building websites, 2-3 typing practice and Google Docs, 4: typing all work in Google Docs Accounts;, Workshop: Grade Team Planning Goals, goal: get a feel for target student skills you're focusing on & project opportunities for the year, timelines, class management, tools involved, how it enhances your current teaching goals, goal: think about the potential benefits of digital learning logs, and student portfolios in your practice, goal: think about how media literacy & digital skills could enhance the teaching of your essential questions and standards

Cybercafe Maintenance, New Macbook Airs (28), set up one machine as the ideal image, setting the dock, reimaging all machines???, setting home pages on all Airs, each grade has a login (password "gradeX", setting up login per grade, iPads (13) for Center or Intensive K, Remote Desktop (?)

Manage Class Website, Class Website, Info & links for Parents & Kids, published student work, daily lessons or "do nows" for kids, the hub of your curriculum, Google Drive, peer editing, shared work with their classroom teachers,, Kids publishg to personal blogs, managed by teacher account, Edmodo, class conversations, like facebook for your class, free flow of kids interaction without outside danger

Manage Google Drive folders for student work

Manage student software accounts, Vimeo Video Account, Voicethread, Edmodo, Glogster (g = google account sign in), (g), Mindmeister (g), Prezi, Google Apps for Education, Student Accounts, Hapara

Develop Class Management Strategies, pac man, setup/breakdown, give 5th graders updating tasks, how will kids log in to these apps, group kids when something has a lot of steps or is complicated., always using the same number

Document This! ECluster

PD with Rhys

PD Plan 2012-13, Google Apps Docs/Drive Workshop (September 2012), Google Sites Workshop, Workshop 1 Goals, Understand why "The Cloud" makes sense, Learn how shared "Folders" work, Learn the basics of "Docs", Upload, share and edit some shared documents, Workshop 1 Agenda, 1 laptop per grade team, Log in to Google Apps (start at, Open Google Docs (click "Documents" at top of page), Open "Collections Shared with me" on the left side, Expand that folder with the arrow on the left, Click the TAOTS Docs Portal (a.k.a. "Collection"), Find the "TAOTS Tech Binder" Collection, Open the Media Literacy Unit Planner document, help your neighbor, pac man, Rhys demo's how to leave a comment in Google Docs, Insert + Comment, OR on keyboard: Command+Option+M, Everyone try it, iMovie Workshop (November 6th)

PD Plan 2013-2014, Assist Diana with Scope and Sequence and introducing new tools weekly in tech cluster, Help Diana link tech cluster with Science and regular curriculum weekly., Create "document this" cluster with Diana, Continue making short documentaries with 4th and 5th graders


Google Apps Administration

Adding email accounts

Changing passwords

Train Josephine/Maria to do this

Sharing documents in Google Drive

Ioanna, Mary & Diana have been trained

Teresa manages curriculum documents

Making signs for events

Melissa, Nicole

Staff Videos

recording lessons

guest speakers & events

Rhys, Tatiana?


Public Calendar

TBD: Equipment Checkout Calendar, model is the Campus Calendar, each grade level gets cart 1x month, classes with the cart need a checklist of how to close it up at the end of the day

Faculty Calendar

Campus Calendar, Nicole, Josephine, Maria, Sandro, Mellissa


Class Website Updates (Teachers), Book of the Month

Embedding Videos/Slideshows, Vimeo school account, Picasa Slidshows on Class sites, Wordpress "galleries" on main website

Public Website, Website Announcements (ND, JSG, MR), Event Photos, Event Videos


Has been Mary/Rhys, Could be a CUNY Intern

Fixing Smartboards

Log in to DOE website

Google the issue

Call John at Teq (877.455.9369 (ext. 1113)

Use the Tech Binder in Google Docs

Updating Software

Printing Problems

Calling in support tickets to Help Desk

needs to be teachers

Develop & PD around Tech Support Folder in Google Docs (Rhys, Ioanna, Diana)

Smartboard Troubleshooting

Software updates

Calling in support tickets to Help Desk

Tracking Inventory

Equipment management

Create an equipment sharing system using Google Calendar and Forms

Laptop sharing

Laptop Carts, Moving the cart (TAs & Paras), Use Google Calendar (on Daily Messages Page), Cyber Cafe on 3rd Floor, scheduled access weekly in program card, open access

Camera sharing, Each NEST grade level gets a flip cam


Home-School Communication

Class Sites, Homework, News, Schedule, Field Trips, Curriculum (Essential Question), Student Work, Photos


Email?, school community news etc., specialty class blogs

Staff Communication

Google Drive, Access shared curriculum, program cards, etc., Progress reports, Collaborate on meeting minutes???, ...???

Daily Messages, Jo's blog, Coaches' blog, PD notes, links to Curriculum

Google Calendar, Staff, Community

Classroom tools

Laptop Centers (coming soon), what could we use them for...?

Desktop Centers, used for...



Student digital work

Connect digital class activities with skills learned in Mary's cluster

Mary overlap research and activity sites with teacher goals

Goal: choose 1 unit to overlap goals with Mary's cluster through a digital project

Challenges to address

Computers that can't access Google Drive