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Recommendations by Mind Map: Recommendations

1. Always update the social media account to be upto date with recent events and social trends.

2. make some products internet exclusive with huge discount to encourage patronage

3. Promote wine selling using digital profiles of popular wine magazines

4. Rules and Regulation adherence

5. Micro-videos and short videos

6. Include a variety of wines

7. Food Pairings with wine

8. Emphasize Health Benefits

9. Run innovative contests to engage target customers

10. App developers and telecom companies to develop and APP for wine selling.

11. General

11.1. Organise a web marketing calender to co-ordinate the digital efforts of the brand

11.2. Decide on tone and voice of brand

11.3. Behave like a human on social networks not like a robot.

11.4. Define Target Audience and their choice of social media

11.5. Profile target audience's likes and dislikes

11.6. Define the problems of target audience that could be solved by the brand

11.7. Define main topics and categories that support the brand

11.8. Schedule posts to timings where target audience is most active

11.9. Combine offline and online marketing through events, contests, etc.

11.10. Measure ROI on paid advertisements and experiment with different types of posts

12. Host wine tasting events and publish results on social media.

13. Educate consumers on wine

14. Link social media to other relevant website to be more educative

15. Petition celebrities and influencers to taste and promote brand online

16. Sponsor online/tv cooking shows to promote wine in cooking or while eating of final dish

17. Connect wine consumption to holiday celebrations and marriages through short ads