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MEDIA by Mind Map: MEDIA

1. Traditional Media

1.1. Magazine

1.1.1. Setting unrealistic standards Can lead to issues like depression, anorexia, etc. Glorified lifestyle

1.2. Music

1.2.1. Depiction of violence Could lead youth to acting or behaving a certain way

1.3. Movies

1.3.1. Unrealistic depiction of society

1.3.2. encourage certain violent actions

1.4. Television News

1.4.1. Fake news Can lead to conflict

1.4.2. Political Bias

1.5. Newspaper

1.6. Radio

2. New Media

2.1. Social Media

2.1.1. Spreading false information

2.1.2. Cyberbullying Can lead to depression, or even suicide/homicide.

2.1.3. Addiction

2.1.4. Mental Disorders Anxiety Depression ADHD

2.1.5. Recruitment Radicalization

2.1.6. Depiction of violence Encourage others to behave a certain way

2.1.7. Glorified Lifestyle

2.2. Smart Phones

2.2.1. Addiction / Over-consumption Lack of sleep Can lead to other issues, both physical and mental Shorter attention span

2.3. Internet

2.3.1. Invasion of Privacy Government monitoring for terrorist activity Facebook case

2.3.2. ISP Monopolized market

2.4. Education