My ADDIE for Educational Design and Technology 2

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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Analysis

1.1. This phase is mainly about asking (and answering) the right questions.

1.1.1. Why is this piece of education necessary? Objective

1.1.2. Who is our target audience? Who are they? Demographics What do they already know? What do they want/need to learn? and why?

1.1.3. What is the educational setting? Time, place, online/offline/blended Are there any restrictions or possibilities? What are the pedagogical considerations?

1.1.4. What do we want them to learn? Workload Content

1.1.5. What are the practical requirements? Timeline Budget People needed/availability

1.2. Once these questions have been answered, a decision can be made to go forward with this or not.

2. Design

2.1. This is mainly the drawing board where the educational ingredients are being designed.

2.1.1. Learning objectives

2.1.2. Mode of delivery / platform

2.1.3. Assessment tools Formative Summative

2.1.4. Teaching and learning activities

2.1.5. Lesson plan, duration and pace

2.1.6. Media resources

2.2. During the phase each component can be put up for review and be evaluated by others after which feedback can be implemented

2.3. At the end of the phase, the design needs to be tested whether it fits the requirements formulated in the analysis phase.

2.3.1. Pilot

3. Development

3.1. This phase is about creating and assembling all course components as designed.

3.2. During the phase reviewing takes place and feedback is incorporated.

4. Implementation

4.1. This phase is about the actual teaching and mentoring the course.

4.1.1. Training facilitators

4.1.2. Training learners

4.2. Of course, educators can make adjustments during the run based on feedback

5. Evaluation

5.1. All stages are being evaluated, besides having an entire course evaluation

5.1.1. Summative assessment of the taught course with learners

5.1.2. Summative assessment at the end of each stage

5.1.3. Formative assessment during each phase

5.2. To do this evaluation tools and criteria need to be formulated