ULTRA PEACEFUL ACTION PLAN - Yellow Vest & R.I.C - (Referendum Initiated by Citizens) --...

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ULTRA PEACEFUL ACTION PLAN - Yellow Vest & R.I.C - (Referendum Initiated by Citizens) -->UPGRADED TO CITIZENS CONVENTION OF CONSENT<-- by Mind Map: ULTRA PEACEFUL ACTION PLAN     - Yellow Vest & R.I.C -      (Referendum Initiated by Citizens) -->UPGRADED TO CITIZENS CONVENTION OF CONSENT<--

1. 0. Read this first:

1.1. Most of the issues we face revolves around us giving away our decision making power to those who we think will do good for our country. Reversing this is almost impossible. So the RIC (Referendum initiated by the citizens) was discovered, but was still able to be veto'd by the government! So the Citizens Convention of Consent (CCC) was made as a resolve!

1.1.1. Before the power can take effect, 51% of the population must have signed.

1.2. See how the CCC is a complete necessity compared to our current representative democracy at:

1.3. The main objective is to take our power back by using the CCC. And to make voting on issues streamlined plus create a educational source (hub) that voters can use.

2. 1. Esign the Citizens Convention of Consent (CCC)!

2.1. Direct link to Esign:

2.2. Learn about the CCC (Direct Democracy)

3. 4. Money & Finance

3.1. Funding

3.1.1. Methods 1. Crowdfunding with incentive: Sign up your crowdfunding campaign or (...?) through indiegogo, kickstarter or shopify and 'boost' it with the pairing website Kickbooster.me . This way, anyone who promotes the original campaign will be rewarded with cash incentive, without cash being taken from the campaign that was setup. It may be 15% for affiliates. 2. Create products that pair with the CCC idea and offer them on a donation basis or cash. A services hub This project will go allot faster and smoother with more funds. Keep this in mind when your planning.

4. 2. Build YOUR local group.

4.1. Make it a game winner and have fun:

4.1.1. a. Groups are shut down frequently, saving emails is the best method to save your contacts, plus you can use 'mailchimp' to send out mass emails at once. Phone numbers and other means is great too, and for a small fee you can also send out mass text messages at once.

4.1.2. b. Advertise your group in local newspapers, kijiji, craigslist, local classifieds & more.

4.1.3. c. Meet up as much as possible.

4.1.4. d. Have fun, be creative, pair your group with other goals and en-devours.

5. 6. Map your Town!

5.1. 1. Create a map for going door to door for your local group. Break down your city into manageable areas as your group grows. This gives others who want to help a 'plug and play' way to dive into helping. Click here for example:

5.1.1. 1 a. For 1 or 2 people: 1 strip (or block) of houses is about 32 homes. 10 minuets at each home would take 5.3 hours if everyone was at home. (add walking time it may be 6 hours).

5.1.2. 1 b. Update the map on areas covered, with notes on the outcome, or other information. Backup, copy and add layers to the map.

6. 3. Contribute to the education database

6.1. Plan:

6.1.1. a. This is lifelong learning, categorize the information you come across. Ideally do this online so it can be shared. b. Collaborate with the other groups to create a 1 stop shop for education that helps win people over & helps to quickly reveal why its necessary to vote upcoming issues in or out.

6.1.2. Methods 1. Save bookmarks and organize them in your web browser. Later you can import or export these. 2. Create a mind map like this one, click here 3. Build a website to act as a hub, making it fast and easy to figure out why certain issues need to be voted in or out.

6.2. RIC Platform: a.) Announce the current issue & b.) Vote on it. c.) Include an Education hub for more information.

6.2.1. 1. Objective: Have a convenient format to announce an issue to be voted upon. Chosen by the individual. 1 a.) Format: The individual selects: email, text, mail, other?

6.2.2. 2. Have a Convenient voting platform. 2 a.) Platform: Cast your vote with email, text, mail, phone & in person. Each town can have its own method, chosen by the local.

6.2.3. 3. Education hub: learn more about the issue being voted on, online / community hall, ect. A 3 month time frame from the announcement to the vote could work well.

6.2.4. Count the votes!

6.2.5. To give the RIC effect initially and switch from our current system, 51% of the population needs to have joined. By compartmentalizing the tasks we can see this is very manageable.

7. 5. Pair the RIC with your own ideas & create a small business for yourself.

7.1. a. Make a newsletter, Calendars: make lots of different styles, stickers

7.2. b. If you decide to go door to door to talk to people about the CCC. Tell them you can (or your group) also can help them with (...health consultation, house repairs, odd jobs, website design, snow removal, baby sitting), and give them a card to contact you. It may be best to mention to them, your personal business is (somewhat) separate from helping people become familiar with the CCC.

7.3. c. Direct people to various information that you feel can help them with what they need. Their is lots of potential here, build a general checklist of services we (or you or your group) can offer (or future services) and talk with them about how you can help. Basically each local could have a 'branded' (or not branded) CCC group that routed work that people needed through it. Creating a hub through which services were offered. With a long term goal of keeping communication as the CCC idea develops.

7.4. 2. Start a media company - obtain opinions ect when you are going door to door. Give citizens the ability to have a voice.