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Veronika by Mind Map: Veronika

1. mother

1.1. loves her very much

1.2. affectionate

1.3. didn't let her to play the piano

1.4. forced her to go to university

1.5. Veronika refused to her at the hospital

2. Dr Igor

2.1. unortodox

2.2. psychiatrist

2.3. specialized in controversional treatment

3. Zedga

3.1. has clinical depression

3.2. 35 years old

3.3. impossible love

3.4. Veronika's first friend at the hospital

3.5. gets a special treatment

3.6. has an ability to make astral travel

4. Mari

4.1. has panic attacks

4.2. a lawyer

4.3. because of her illness she lost her job and husband

4.4. encouraged Veronika not to get afraid and to do whar-tever she wants

5. Eduard

5.1. has schizophrenia

5.2. a son of ambassador

5.3. loves drawing pictures

5.4. his parents didn't want him to draw

5.5. Veronika falls in love with him

5.6. after meeting her he decides to leave the hospital