Media, Religion, and Society - Female Journalism

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Media, Religion, and Society - Female Journalism by Mind Map: Media, Religion, and Society - Female Journalism

1. 1937 Constitution

1.1. "Her right within the home"

2. Anna Kelly/Irish Press

2.1. "assumption that women take no interest in general news"

2.1.1. geared towards "female interest" e.g. cooking, household products, etc.

3. Female Workforce

3.1. Increase of 100,000 female workers between 1971 and 1991

4. Free Second Level Education

4.1. Numbers in Third Level education increased

4.1.1. 1967 = 152,039 1975 = 256,672

5. Print Censorship

5.1. Oscar Traynor, Minister for Justice, gradually reduced church's power in print censorship.

5.1.1. Censorship Act 1967 Brian Lenihan reduced permanent ban on publications to 12 years.

6. Popular Culture

6.1. Introduction of US acts loosened chru

6.1.1. The Late Late Show acted as platform to discuss taboo topics like contraception or divorces

7. Subjugation of Women

7.1. Marriage Bar

7.1.1. Jury Service Contraception Drink in a pub

8. 1963

8.1. 'The Feminine Mystique' by Betty Friedan

8.1.1. Critique of "female domestication" Advertising/Women's magazines/Education critiqued Suffragette Movement = call to arms

9. 1968 - Irish Times

9.1. Mary Maher "Women First" section

9.1.1. Training facilities for nurses Contraception Equal Pay

10. Irish Women's Liberation Movement

10.1. Chains or Change

10.1.1. All-Female Late Late Show March 1971 Interrupted by Garrett Fitzgerald

11. Women Today (1979-1984) Marian Finucane

11.1. Nightlife

11.1.1. Hysterectomy Cult of the Virgin Mary Women at work

12. Anne Lovett (1984)

12.1. “Girl, 15, dies after giving birth in field”.

12.1.1. Led to discussion of teenage pregnancy in public sphere Ended Ireland's reputation as "The Island of Saints and Scholars"

13. Kerry Babies (1984)

13.1. Tribunal was was “about the mattresses and the men in Joanne Hayes’ life, and her private behaviour with them.” (Nell McCafferty, Irish Pictorial, 16th January 1984)

13.1.1. Joanne Hayes framed for murder of baby washed up on beach. Family was arrested and forced to sign confessions. Blood tests proved her innocence.

14. Counter Revolution

14.1. Divorce unavailable

14.1.1. Conservative Ireland rallied against. Pope John Paul II visit in 1979 spoke against campaigners Divorce referendum defeated in 1986, narrowly passed in 1995.