Veronika Decides to Die

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Veronika Decides to Die by Mind Map: Veronika Decides to Die

1. Characters

1.1. Main character

1.1.1. Veronika

1.2. Other characters

1.2.1. Eduard

1.2.2. Dr Igor

1.2.3. Zedka

1.2.4. Mari

1.2.5. Veronika's mother

2. Time

2.1. 11th November 1997

3. Places

3.1. Lyublayana- the capital of Slovenia

4. Events

4.1. reading an article - Where is Slovenia

4.2. deciding it is time to die

4.3. taking pills and commiting suicides

4.4. being taken to a mental hospital

4.5. learning her heart damaged badly

4.6. learning that she will die in a week.

4.7. meeting other people

4.8. falling in love with Eduard

4.9. understanding the importance of life

5. the message

5.1. life is important

5.2. it is your life and you must live it however you wish

5.3. The value of sth is understood when it is lost.

6. moral values

6.1. We mustn't live according to other people