How AI & Machine Learning Affects:

This is an infographic of how AI and machine learning affect different aspects of society.

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How AI & Machine Learning Affects: by Mind Map: How AI & Machine Learning Affects:

1. Economy

1.1. Using machine learning, producers predict what products consumers are in demand of, and bring those products to the consumers. So, in a way, machine learning helps the economy because producers are much better at meeting the demand of consumers.

1.1.1. 20th Century Fox is using AI to analyze movie trailers and find out what films audiences will like

1.1.2. A very thorough explanation of how AI is used to optimize movies:

1.2. New technologies create as many jobs as they destroy

1.2.1. Jobs that will be destroyed Self-driving vehicles threaten to replace millions of taxi drivers.

1.2.2. Jobs that will be created Here is an optimistic view of the jobs that AI will never be able to replace and ones that it will create: Embracing the new jobs the future AI-driven world will offer

2. Education

2.1. With AI taking over more and more jobs, both laborious and intellectual ones, the human race is left with fewer and fewer jobs not requiring education.

3. Human Intelligence

3.1. The AI revolution is different from most because it is the first to replace humans in intellectual tasks. This leads to humans being replaced in some jobs.

3.1.1. AI will never completely replace lawyers, but there is a service from a company called legal sifter that use algorithms to read legal documents and detect loopholes, mistakes, and omissions. Humans are no longer needed to edit contracts.

3.1.2. An important skill that AI is being taught is the summarization of text. Here is an article describing the algorithm used to concise a piece of text:

3.2. Machine learning can be used by a machine to observe human patterns of interaction and imitate human social behavior. It is wrong for people to experience and learn social interaction through a "counterfeit relationship?"

3.2.1. This is a study about this question in regard to people with autism and ASD.

4. Ethics

4.1. if your phone uses data about you to improve search engine suggestions, it may be using that personal information for other purposes.

4.2. Is AI entitled to make decisions for humanity?

4.3. If it can make decisions for us, can it also make decisions for itself?

4.4. Machine learning allows a machine to collect data and find patterns in that data in order to obtain knowledge. Is there a risk of machines observing negative patterns and amplifying them?

5. Robot Farms Are Here. What Can Farmers Expect?