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Doing Business by Mind Map: Doing Business

1. Regulatory Impact Assessment

2. RAS: Technical Assistance from the World Bank

3. Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

3.1. Project Status

3.2. Batch 1 and 2 of the"As-is process" and documentation submitted

3.3. Batch 1 and 2 of the"To-be process" and documentation submitted

4. Regulatory Review

5. World Bank's Doing Business Report

5.1. Communication with the World Bank

5.1.1. Reform memo to be sent in January and April 2019

5.1.2. Webinars online to better understand the methodology

5.1.3. Video Conference with the World Bank

5.1.4. Meeting with the World Bank

5.2. Communication with stakeholders

5.2.1. Meeting with Public Sector Agencies to Drive reforms

5.2.2. Meeting with Contributors

5.2.3. High Level Technical Committee

5.2.4. Doing Business Conference

5.3. Review of the Action Plan for 2018/2019

5.4. Validation and Implementation of reforms

6. Operationalisation of the National Electronic Licensing System

6.1. 1. Onboarding of the E-Visa process on NELS

6.2. Operationalisation of the BLUP process on NELS

6.2.1. BLUP workshop with registered engineers and architects

6.2.2. Launching of the BLUP process at the MCPL

6.2.3. Communication

6.3. Communication, Change Management and Programme Estimate

7. Trade Facilitation

7.1. Single Window

7.2. Trade Facilitation Committee

7.3. Coordinated Border Management

7.4. Smart Port Project

8. EDB's survey on Doing Business

9. Survey on EDB's Image

10. Compliance

11. Migration Action Plan

11.1. Study on OP and Diaspora

11.2. Diaspora Portal