Site Quality Factors

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Site Quality Factors by Mind Map: Site Quality Factors

1. external

1.1. Using Wix Marketing tools

1.1.1. Advertising

1.1.2. Social posts

1.1.3. Email Marketing

1.2. SEO

1.2.1. SEO content H1-H6 tags Relevance of text By segment-specific words ALTs for images Amount of text

1.2.2. Metatags and settings site can be indexed metatags added title description keywords favicon exists Social Sharing parameters image for sharing twitter cards

2. internal

2.1. Look and Feel

2.1.1. Design features HP backgrounds photo bg video bg stripes slider parallax section effects balance overuse of moving objects on the same page annoying lightboxes

2.1.2. Styles Consistency of fonts number of font styles used on homepage readability of texts Mobile adaptation overlapping elements Gaps Usability

2.1.3. Visual content Photos stock photos gallery widgets used uploaded by user photos of team members videos stock videos uploaded by user logo located in header format - preference to png or svg size

2.2. Technical components

2.2.1. Contact form

2.2.2. Subscription

2.2.3. Bookings

2.2.4. Store

2.2.5. Search

2.2.6. Social widgets

2.3. Content

2.3.1. Existing Pages/sections about prices/rates/pricing/plans/packages services/programs/classes team/coach/instructor contact/connect news/blogs/events updated last month

2.3.2. Content items working hours/schedule on homepage anywhere on site prices on homepage anywhere on site contact info phone address email gifts and discounts mentioned on homepage anywhere on site

2.3.3. CTAs CTA worings on buttons Strong: buy/purchase/join/try/free/start/get/book/schedule Light: subscribe/get in touch/contact/ask/request CTA visibility location design

2.4. Structure and navigation

2.4.1. is it a one-pager? Anchors Length

2.4.2. Top menu Exists amount of items Links exist Visibility Color is visible on the background Current page is highligted in menu

2.4.3. Links on site Mailto links open in the same tab put on CTA buttons put on links Link design underlined color is different from regular text on site hover change External links open in a new tab