6JH What did you learn with me?

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6JH What did you learn with me? by Mind Map: 6JH What did you learn with me?

1. What is la francophonie?

1.1. communities

1.1.1. how many people speak french in certain communities

1.2. learned more about the french side of canada

1.3. how many french people are around the world

1.4. definition:

1.4.1. french speaking person community anything related to speaking or using french

2. tu vs. vous

2.1. when to use

2.1.1. tu students talk to each other, teacher talks to students

2.1.2. vous students talk to teacher group / plural random stranger

3. Canadian national anthem

3.1. what the french national anthem means in English

3.1.1. its way different than the english one

4. Francophone music

4.1. what it sounds like

4.2. how it works

5. Francophone art

5.1. learned some new names/artists

6. expressing what you like/dislike

6.1. like

6.1.1. j'aime

6.1.2. je n'aime pas

7. vocabulary

7.1. learned vocab in the blogs

7.2. word of the day

7.3. new blog topics

7.4. the names of the provinces

8. how to use

8.1. word reference

8.2. linguee

8.3. dictionary

9. francophone communities

9.1. similarities and differences

9.2. different flags for different communities across the provinces

9.3. learn the history

9.3.1. important events

9.4. attractions

9.4.1. historical sites

9.5. how many people speak french there