Grade 9 Academic Mathematics

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Grade 9 Academic Mathematics by Mind Map: Grade 9 Academic Mathematics

1. Number Sense and Algebra

1.1. Operating with Exponents

1.2. Manipulating Expressions and Solving Equations

2. Linear Relations

2.1. Using Data Management to Investigate Relationships

2.2. Connecting Various Representations of Linear Relations

2.3. Understanding characteristics of linear relations

3. Measurement and Geometry

3.1. Investigating the Optimal Values of Measurements

3.2. Solving Problems Involving Perimeter, Area, Surface Area, and Volume

3.3. Investigating and Applying Geometric Relationships

4. Analytic Geometry

4.1. Investigating the Relationship Between the Equation of a relation and the Shape of its graph

4.2. Investigating the Properties of Slope

4.3. Using the Properties of Linear Relations to Solve Problems

5. EQAO: