simulation theory

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simulation theory by Mind Map: simulation theory

1. What criteria must be met to stimulate a world as we know it?

1.1. What is a consciousness?

1.1.1. If something can think, it has a consciousness!

1.2. Is your perception the truth?

1.2.1. How does the programmed simulation work? Once you see an Object, it exists, but once you turn away, it ceases to exist. Just like an video game, for example. The program makes a wall "solid" through rules and laws. It shows you where you may go and not go.

1.3. What technologies do you need to implement a simulation?

1.3.1. One variant would be a matroshka brain. A sphere of computers above a star that needs radiation as fuel. This po ne has such an enormous power, that this computer can simulate several million stimulations at once.

1.3.2. Another option would be an quantum computer as big as a city. But this one could only simulate a simulation on one.

1.4. Foreign civilization may have already wiped itself out before it developed. the necessary technologies.

1.4.1. Reasons Nuclear War Climate change

1.4.2. Other reasons Meteorites

1.5. Why would another civilization want to simulate us?

1.5.1. For entertainment like video games.

1.5.2. For science. How does a civilization develop? What happened in the history of foreign civilization? Avoidance of problems in real world/other simulation.

2. What proves that we live in such a simulation?

2.1. Evidence against the simulation theory could be simulated and thus evidence of a simulation.

2.2. Quantum mechanics

2.2.1. Quantum mechanics states that an electron of an atom can be anywhere until you see it. Something like that is called superposition.

3. Create your own walk-in simulation.

3.1. Why would humanity create this?

3.1.1. Escape from one's own reality, because of problems or social pressure.

3.1.2. For entertainment. For example video games.

3.1.3. To improve and individualise one's own reality.