Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein by Mind Map: Albert Einstein

1. Who is Einstein

1.1. He was a physicist in particular.

1.2. Albert Einstein was a scientist born in Germany.(Nobel Prize)

2. What did Einstein Do

2.1. Einstein Created several different papers about relativity, including Special Relativity, and General Relativity.

3. Citations

3.1. MLA style: "Albert Einstein - Biography". 28 Oct 2011

4. When did Einstein. (Nobel Prize)

4.1. He lived from March 18, 1879, to April 18, 1955.

4.2. He became a U.S citizen 1940

5. Where

5.1. He lived in Germany and then U.S

6. Why Did Einstein

6.1. Einstein became a scientist because he spotted things wrong with Newtonian physics.


7.1. He once said, "For punishment of my contempt of authorities, the Fates deigned to make me an authority myself.