The content creation mindmap is to help content producers/creators and marketers on where to begin, what to expect as an outcome of activities and who to target.Please do feel free to drop suggestions on @smohkim (twitter).

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VALUE by Mind Map: VALUE

1. Why should they be reading / viewing this?

2. What results am I looking at?

2.1. 3X increase in traffic

2.2. Ranking improvement for X keyword

2.3. Higher shares

2.4. Video Views

2.5. Impressions

3. What is it about?

3.1. Event

3.1.1. What is the Event

3.1.2. Where is it happening

3.1.3. Who is attending it

3.1.4. Who is it for

3.1.5. Why is it relevant to US?

3.1.6. How do we intend to benefit from it?

3.2. Facts

3.2.1. What are the facts about? Industry What industry is it? Where is this going live on? Who will be reading it? Where will the facts be coming from (sources) Who will be endorsing these (testimonials) Why is it relevant to me? What content type is it? What am I expecting from it (objective)? What audience am I targeting What supporting channels I need?

4. Who is it for?

4.1. Audience

4.1.1. What are their interests?

4.1.2. Where can they be found?

4.1.3. What are their habits?

4.1.4. Are they existing customers? How will this be relevant to them? What are they supposed to do upon reading/viewing? How will their action affect/influence our objective?

4.1.5. Are they prospects? Why should they be reading it? What is expected once they read them?

4.1.6. Journalists Tech Journalists Review Sites Listing Sites

4.1.7. Affiliates Review Sites YouTubers Social Influencers

4.1.8. Audience level Unaware Problem Aware Solution Aware Product Aware Pro/Expert

5. Where will it be released?

5.1. This will determine the channels or sources where the particular content is released

6. Why is being written?

6.1. This defines the core objective

6.1.1. Reach New Audience Existing Audience Journalists Forums CxOs

6.1.2. Engage as above - you will identify who is it that you want to engage and the outcome

6.1.3. Convert as above - you will identify who is it that you want to convert, defining exactly what you mean by convert. Clearly outlining the key KPIs and outcomes.

6.2. keywords being targetted

6.2.1. Category or customer level Awareness levels - See the Audience tab

6.2.2. Keyword Volume

6.2.3. KWs to determine anchor text for external publications

6.2.4. 3'rd party publications based on select keyword

7. What Type of content is it? The type of content will help the content producer define who is to be reached, who is to be reached out (example: Interview, you will need an industry influencer) and what you will be aiming to achieve.

7.1. Interview

7.2. Industry roundup

7.3. Top News

7.4. Insider News

7.5. Review

7.6. Event