The role of the teacher is changing...

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The role of the teacher is changing... by Mind Map: The role of the teacher is changing...

1. The tools available for each level are limitless

2. What about Blooms Taxonomy?

3. ... we just have to take a risk

4. The possibilities are endless

5. Not if students are engaged a meaningful learning activity

6. Students have more options to collaborate and share information and ideas

7. Will these tools increase negative behaviour?

8. By allowing them to explore and create their learning with different online tools: blogging, designing, animating

9. Just in different contexts

10. Teachers now have to show students how to find the information

11. We are now the guide

12. Teachers used to be the expert

13. Students can access answers to "anything, anywhere, anytime"

14. Teachers must still teach skills

15. How do we now challenge our students?

16. What are implications in the classroom?