shadow hunters

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shadow hunters by Mind Map: shadow hunters

1. The shadowhunters are people who protect the human world from the world of shadows and demonic energie.

2. The world of shadows are divided in: -Shadow hunters. -Downworlders.

3. Downworlders: -Vampires -Warlock -Werewolf -Seelies

3.1. Vampires: -They are the children of the night, they are human beings infected with a demonic disease. Unlike werewolves, vampires are considered "undead"; that is, their bodies are no longer alive like ours.Their human souls reside in their animated bodies, remaining intact and animated by demonic influence.

3.2. Warlock: -They are the children of Lilith, they are the immortal race of the Underworld, descendants of the demons and the mundanes. They are the only underground that can emit magic because they have demon blood, unlike vampires and werewolves who became infected with demonic diseases. Sorcerers who can not use magic are called ifrits.

3.3. Werewolfs: -They are the children of the moon, werewolves are human beings infected with a demonic disease, which gives them the ability to transform into wolves and gain inhuman strength and improved abilities.

3.4. Seelies (fairies): -Fairies, sometimes referred to as Pueblo Bello or Gente Justa, are one of four subterranean species. Characterized by its longevity, its impossibility to lie and malevolence, its territorial domains reside in the Kingdom of the Fairies and in the network of ley lines.