Richard Paul Evens

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Richard Paul Evens by Mind Map: Richard Paul Evens

1. Michael Vey Prisoner of Cell 25

1.1. Science Fiction

1.2. Published in 2012 by Simon Pulse, Mercury Ink.

1.3. The first book out of the seven book series

1.4. New York Best Time Seller

1.5. CONFLICT: Doctor Hatch kidnaps Michael’s mother and his friends Taylor and Ostin. The doctor tells Michael to shock Wade, one of the bullies who attacked Michael at school. Michael refuses, so his mother is shocked instead. For disobeying, Michael is sent to Cell 25, which is a torture cell for anyone who does not agree to do what the doctor wants.

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3. Character Analysis

3.1. Electroclan

3.1.1. Mortals Wade West Jacks best friend that follows along to help Michael save Sharon Vey (Michaels mom) from the Elgen Jack Verson Jack is very brave and big in stature. He will do anything that needs to be done no matter the cost. Ostin Ostin has a very high IQ and overall a very knowable when it comes to problem solving and planning.

3.1.2. Glow (special electrical powers) Michael Vey Michael is the main Character in this story. He was born with special electric powers cause by a machine built by Dr. Hatch called the EKG. He can control and exert electrical power from his body. He is also the leader of the Electroclan. Him and the rest of the Electroclan seek to save Michael's mom and destroy the Elgen. SETTING The theme in MICHAEL VEY: THE PRISONER OF CELL 25 is courage to fight evil and be loyal to friends. Michael Vey must find the courage to rescue his mother. Michael resists the punishment from Doctor Hatch and stays loyal to his friends. Taylor Taylor has the ability to read minds of others. Not only that, but she can also reboot human minds similar to how a computer does. Ian Ian has electrical X-ray vision. He can spot a normal mortal and other "glows" like him. He was locked up by Dr. Hatch because of his lack of power. McKenna Mckenna has the ability to create light and head from any part of her body. Like Ian she was locked up by Dr. Hatch. Abigail Abigail role in the story is to be the comforter and healer. She has the ability to stimulate nerve endings of others to release pain in any given area of the body Grace Grace is a human hard drive. Like a computers, Grace can store information from electronics.

3.2. Sharon Vey

3.2.1. Sharon is Michael's mom. She is kidnapped by the Elgen infront of Michael. The Elgen uses her as bait to draw in Michael and his friends into a trap.

3.3. Elgen Corporation

3.3.1. Head Villain: Dr. Hatch Nichelle Nichelle is the most feared glow of them all. She has the ability to bring tremdious amount of pain to any glow. Dr. Hatch uses her as a discipliner for the other reluctant glows. Tara Tara is a twin of Taylor. Although, she has a different unique power than Taylor does. She has the ability to trick peoples brains into seeing or feeling what she wants them too. Quentin Quentin is the head leader of the Elgen glows under Dr. Hatch. He has the ability to create a small electromagnetic pulse. Bryan Bryan is ruthless and has the ability to cut through anything with is electrical power. He has shown to be loyal to Dr. Hatch in the story. Kylee Kylee is a human magnet. She can create electromagnetic power within herself. Doctor Hatch recruits or kidnaps teenagers called the Glows and sends them to the Elgen Academy. He is an evil man who tricks the Glows into using their powers for his gain. He kidnaps Michael’s mother to try to get Michael to do what he wants.

3.3.2. Cell 25 is in California

4. Man vs. Man