Citation Workflow

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Citation Workflow by Mind Map: Citation Workflow

1. Officer

1.1. Search for participant

1.1.1. If found Show records to Officer View Records Submit New Citation

1.1.2. If NOT found, issue citation

1.2. See history of citations

1.2.1. See success, configurable by community

2. Agency Point Person (state's attorney)

2.1. Is notified when participant is out of compliance. Issues bench warrants.

2.2. Is notified when a new citation is issued. Determines eligibility.

2.2.1. If eligible When contacted (virtually or in person) within community determined timeframe by participant Based on community, participant is either assigned a provider or can choose.

2.2.2. if NOT eligible (previous arrest, subsequent arrest) If not eligible, removes participant from the program. Letter is generated by the system. Is stored in participant's record. Acts as a paper trail for why removed/rejected. Could notify Officer or not, based on community. Notify Participant via preferred contact method (email, or text)

2.2.3. If failure to contact within community defined timeframe Citation is marked "did not contact"

2.3. Ability to enter paper citations

3. Issuing a Citation

3.1. Should be able to "stack" offenses

3.2. Screenshot 2019-01-18 14.30.39.png

3.3. Fields collected will differ somewhat by community

3.4. Fields

4. Site Manager

4.1. Approved Citations show up on dashboard as a referral to provide services to.

4.1.1. Citation is held open X days, as determined by community.

4.1.2. Assign case manager

4.2. Oversees the Case Managers.

4.3. Can add/remove case managers

4.3.1. Will input name, title, etc.

4.3.2. Email activation link to create account

4.4. Review all cases

4.4.1. Progress view, reports,

4.5. Financial Auditing

4.6. Difference between Case Manager (LEAD) and Case Manager:

4.6.1. LEAD can add other Case Manager users in group

4.6.2. Can view all citations for provider

4.6.3. Can view aggregate provider data

4.6.4. Can view any payment report data

4.6.5. Case Manager (LEAD) can be re-assigned to another Case Manager

5. Provider (case manager)

5.1. Client along with all their info and citation shows up in dashboard

5.1.1. Setup an intake and assessment either virtual or in person Setup a treatment plan from dropdown box based on charges in citation, plus a la carte, with all the objectives they need to complete with X days. Ability to upload docs When participant completes an objective, the Case Manager marks as complete. Populates on Patient's dashboard

6. Payment is verified and marked as "paid" or "payment not required". How payment is collected is determined by community

6.1. Citation/Diversion is approved

6.1.1. Notify Service Provider/Case Manager Oversight (LEAD)

7. Participant

7.1. Addresses Citation In person

7.2. Addresses Citation by logging into portal

7.2.1. Can see citation status. Pending Approved Pay for enrollment Could pick provider Denied Inactive

7.2.2. Dashboard View Show progress and next steps

8. "National Database" Civil Citation Fields (*=optional)

8.1. Demographics

8.1.1. Name

8.1.2. Race

8.1.3. Sex

8.1.4. DOB

8.1.5. Drivers License Number

8.1.6. SSN#/Student ID

8.1.7. Address (Street, city, Zip)

8.1.8. County (options populate based on selected State)

8.1.9. *Phone

8.1.10. *Email

8.2. Program Activity Information

8.2.1. Referring agency

8.2.2. Completion Status (in progress, failed, completed)

8.2.3. Status update date

8.2.4. Prior Offense(s) Date(s) How Many? What were the offenses?

9. SecureVideo Integration

9.1. Does this need to be part of the MVP?

9.2. What type of integration?

9.3. Billing structure?

9.3.1. Population based?

9.4. $49/dashboard "our cost"

9.5. Each jurisdiction has their own api key, unless edocs handled on "our" end.

10. Billing Model Per Jurisdiction

10.1. Annual license agreement at a fixed rate

10.1.1. Example: $80k/year for unlimited users, 18 LEAs

10.1.2. MVP (Core) Option

10.1.3. Uplift Option

10.1.4. Custom Option

10.2. Implementation fee

11. SecureVideo MVP

11.1. Who gets a dashboard in the MVP?

11.1.1. "Provider (case manager)"? Participant views Provider's availability, and requests a date and time. Provider approves or suggest alternative time

11.1.2. "Site Manager"

11.1.3. MVP comes with X dashboards (5)

12. Items LTI needs

12.1. Discharge Letter Example