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1. So many definition for technology, I have learnt through reading and watching videos in this course. I never realise that technology exited since before I even born. Looking at the history of technology in education video tells me alot about technology.

1.1. The word technology usually conjures up many different images and generally refers to what has been described as the "high-tech" or "high-technology industries (Li-Hua, (2007).

1.2. The history of technology in education

2. What is technology now?

2.1. Technology means many different things to people in the world. For example:

2.1.1. To a scientist, technology is the end product of one's research (Li-Hua, (2007).

2.1.2. To an engineer, it is a tool or process that can be employed to build better products or solve technical problems (Li-Hua, (2007).

2.1.3. To an attorney, it is intellectual property to be protected and guarded (Li-Hua, (2007).

2.1.4. To a business executive, it may be the most important, yet least understood company asset (Li-Hua, (2007).

3. What I think technology was?

3.1. At this age of a adult, I have never come across to describe what is technology? I always think that technology are like new gadgets/devices that keeps developing with some sort of features daily.

3.2. I also think that technology as we all know is expanding as days goes by. I think that soon technology would take over the human population and do their work.

4. Finally, what I now think technology?

4.1. To conclude, technology as we all know is not easy to define. Technology is messy and complex. Technology is the organization of knowledge for the achievement of practical purposes (Thierer, 2014).

4.2. So I would say everything we do, think, or say can be defined as technology since its a word that have meaning in everything. Some say its the devices, machines, science, etc. But for me technology has more than this as a meaning.

5. Supporting Ideas

5.1. According to (Dyer, 2009), he states that technology, like "art," is not a terribly easy word to define. This is where he defined the word technology four times in there own way.

5.1.1. Technology as Hardware This technology can be defined as hardwares such as clock, shovel, laptop, belt, thermometer, etc. (Dyer, 2009).

5.1.2. Technology as Manufacturing This technology includes the entire process from people running the machines to the electrical grid powering the plant to the legislation passed that regulates the industry (Dyer, 2009).

5.1.3. Technology as Methodology This technology involves the routines, methods, and skills to make modern hardware (Dyer, 2009).

5.1.4. Technology as Social Usage This technology involves all social ways of connecting with one another, such as commenting or replying to a post (Dyer, 2009).

5.2. Advantages of Technology

5.2.1. Different Jobs

5.2.2. Best Communication

5.2.3. Better Education

5.2.4. Advancing and Improving

5.3. Disadvantages of technology

5.3.1. Rely on electricity/gas for devices, machines, etc

5.3.2. Expensive

5.3.3. Less interaction (face to face)

6. TED Talk by Kevin Kelly "What is Technology?"

6.1. (Kelly, 2010) states that technology is anything useful invented by the mind. I believe his statement, because we as humans have the ability to make thing easier or harder to work. That is where technology will play an important role to act out in us. It can be creatively, socially, emotionally, physically, etc.

6.2. He also stated that technology can be either selfish or generous (Kelly, 2010). I also believe that this is true as well. The reason being that we tend to abuse, misuse technology for our own benefits selfishly. For example, like using technology to get our work done (robotic devices). For the purpose of using technology generously, we can have those advantages I have mentioned in the supporting ideas.

7. Reference Dyer, J. (2009). Defining the Word “Technology” …Four Times. Retrieved from Richard Li-Hua, (2007) "What is technology?", Journal of Technology Management in China, Vol. 2 Issue: 3, SMARTEduEMEA. (2011, Oct. 3). The history of technology in education [Video File]. Retrieved from TED. (2010, Feb. 22). Kevin Kelly tells technology’s epic story [Video File]. Retrieved from Thierer, A. (2017). Defining “Technology”. Retrieved from

8. What I have created?

8.1. I chose mindmeister as my tool to expand more about my knowledge on technology. What I have learned so far in the course and just to add a little of what I researched. For the first time using something so creative has enable me to explore more.