MOWA Role Mapping Use Cases

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MOWA Role Mapping Use Cases by Mind Map: MOWA Role Mapping Use Cases

1. Student

1.1. Complete Course Materials and Activities to Attain Brain Target Mastery and Move to the Next Brain Targets

1.2. Web Conference with Teacher

1.3. Download Course Materials

1.4. Completes Online Course Materials

1.5. Posts Content to Blog

1.6. Communicates with Other Students via Email or Web Conference Tools

1.7. Sends Email to Teacher

1.8. Upload Multimedia Content

2. Curriculum Designer

2.1. Develop Content

2.1.1. Blended with On-Campus Programs

2.2. Manage Course Content

2.2.1. Upload New Content

2.2.2. Edit Courses

2.3. Review Platform to Align Content Standards

2.4. Develop Course Standards

3. Administrator

3.1. Setup and Configure LMS Portal

3.2. Update & Manage LMS Platform

3.3. Communicate Updates & System Downtime to Mandala

3.4. Manage Cloud Server Environment

4. Teacher

4.1. Daily Communication with Students and Parents (Web Conference, Email, Video Messaging

4.2. Monitor Student Progress

4.2.1. Praise & Awards Students for Progress

4.2.2. Move Student to Next Brain Target (Module or Mastery Level)

4.3. Assess Students Learning Environment

4.4. Evaluate Mandala Community to Align with Global Education Advancements

4.5. Student Progress Assessments

4.5.1. Grade Assignments

4.5.2. Review Progress Reports & Metrics

4.5.3. Psychological Assessment (Build Profile of Student)

4.6. Setup and Configure Class

4.6.1. Configure Classroom Settings

4.6.2. Manage Classroom Security Settings

4.7. Create Assessments

4.8. Manage Course Materials

4.9. Ability to Sign Waiver

5. Parents

5.1. Register Student(s) for Attendance

5.1.1. Register Online

5.1.2. Register through School

5.1.3. CO-Register with Student(s)

5.2. Review Progress Reports

5.3. Receive Email Notifications

5.3.1. Progress Reports

5.3.2. Concerns from Teacher

5.3.3. Special Announcements from Mandala

5.3.4. School Newsletters or Information about Online Content

5.4. Email Teacher

5.5. Ability to Sign Waiver Forms

5.6. CO-Enrollment

5.6.1. Security Access?

6. Equine Coach

6.1. Works with Student

6.2. Ability to Communicate with Teacher