Social Media & Marketing Ideas

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Social Media & Marketing Ideas by Mind Map: Social Media & Marketing Ideas

1. Items to utilize for projects: Powtoons, Venngage. Can we have a budget for creating content?

2. Create content 2x a week for all sites and post and article on blog

3. Would like to do one small video per month to promote a special and use on sites.

4. Revenue Well for Eblast.

5. Updated Photo of Dr. Donato / the associates. Either use for all media channels.

6. Social Media links need to be put on website as well

7. How do we want to distribute our plans? Can we add to website for now as well?

8. Customer Loyalty Plans

9. Run a special each month

10. Post on Month Awareness Topics of Interest

11. Instagram

12. Facebook

13. Linkedin

14. Blog:Wordpress

15. Budget for Social Media and Marketing