Lesson Planning

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Lesson Planning by Mind Map: Lesson Planning

1. Lesson 1 Map

1.1. Prerequisites

1.2. Notes

1.2.1. Unit Title Measuring Maps with Technology, the new way to measure distances.

1.3. Resources

1.3.1. Materials https://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/cur/math/framework_k-8/gr6.pdf Google Map w Computer

1.3.2. People Teacher (me) , Students; Professor Glen Gatin

1.3.3. Facilities Classroom

1.4. Objectives

1.4.1. Students will be given access to my google map. Students will able to measure between points on the map and determine kms and calculate how long driving would take to reach a destination.

1.4.2. MB Curriculum 6N.2 Solve Problems involving large numbers, using technology

1.5. Content

1.5.1. Grade 6 Mathematics, Number

1.6. Method of Instruction

1.6.1. I will begin this lesson with a lecture style, the information that is given will allow students work through their assessments.

1.7. Method of Evaluation

1.7.1. Worksheet : Questions that involve working with the map interaction features, Assessment for

1.7.2. Marked Worksheets: Assessment as learning

2. Lesson 3 Podcast

2.1. Prerequisites

2.2. Notes

2.2.1. Unit Title Physical Education Educator of Manitoba

2.3. Resources

2.3.1. Materials

2.3.2. People Students, Teachers,

2.3.3. Facilities Classroom

2.3.4. Podcast Physical Education Podcast

2.4. Objectives

2.4.1. Students and some Teachers will Learn about Physical and Health Educators of Manitoba, and what their roll is.

2.4.2. Physical Education Curriculum

2.5. Content

2.5.1. Physical Education

2.6. Method of Instruction

2.6.1. Teaching parents, teachers, students about physical educators and their goals and mission to make students pursue a healthier lifestyle with proper diet and physical activity.

3. Lesson 4 Collab

3.1. Prequistes

3.2. Notes

3.2.1. Unit Title Healthy Food Choices and Physical Activity

3.3. Resources

3.3.1. Materials Phyical education curriculum https://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/cur/physhlth/framework/healthy.pdf Google Doc Healthy Food Choices and Physical Activity

3.3.2. People Teacher (me), Students, Professor Glenn Students.

3.3.3. Facilities Classroom Students will bring work home for their assignment

3.4. Objectives

3.4.1. is for students to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle or making healthy choices for consumption and types of physical activity for a healthy body

3.4.2. MB Curriculum K.5.6.C.1a Identify food choices and types of physical activity for a healthy body (i.e., for bone development) K.5.6.C.1b Demonstrate an understanding of the combined benefit of daily healthy food choices and physical activity on a healthy body (i.e., for bone development during adolescence

3.5. Content

3.5.1. Grade 6, Physical Education

3.6. Method of Instruction

3.6.1. Lecture style of lessons, the information that will be given to the students will allow them to identify healthy food choices and ways to incorporate physical activity in their lives

3.7. Method of Evaluation

3.7.1. Students will be partnered up to work to together to identify healthy foods in their households or healthy foods that they can incorporate in their eating habits. (Assessment for)

3.7.2. students will be able to on shared google drive with one another, where I can oversee their work and assess throughout their project. (assessment for)

3.7.3. At the end of the unit, students will present a final worksheet that will include healthy food choices and ways to improve their physical activity. (assessment as)

4. Lesson 2 Video

4.1. Prerequistes

4.2. Notes

4.2.1. Unit Title Math Day Without Mr.Murray

4.3. Resources

4.3.1. Materials Manitoba Curriculum Math https://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/cur/math/framework_k-8/gr4.pdf Math Worksheets

4.3.2. People Substitute , Students, Dr..Gatin

4.3.3. Facilities Homeroom Class

4.3.4. YouTube Video Kid Snippets: "Math Class" (Imagined by Kids) - YouTube

4.4. Objectives

4.4.1. Manitoba Curriculum 4.N.3. Demonstrate an understanding of addition of numbers with answers to 10 000 and their corresponding subtractions (limited to 3- and 4-digit numerals), concretely, pictorially, and symbolically, by using personal strategies using the standard algorithms estimating sums and differences solving problems

4.5. Content

4.5.1. Mathematics, Grade 4

4.6. Method of Instruction

4.6.1. Students will continue to work on worksheets that were given the day before my absence.

4.7. Method of Evaluation

4.7.1. worksheets will be collected at the end of class, where I can evaluate students understanding.

5. Curriculum