SaaS on AWS

Everything you need to know about Creating, Developing, Testing and Selling your SaaS Solution on Amazon Web Services. Further information is available on the Amazon Web Services website on [Map Last Updated on 27 January 2019]

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SaaS on AWS by Mind Map: SaaS on AWS

1. AWS SaaS Factory

1.1. SaaS Architecture Overview

1.2. SaaS Business Enablement

1.3. Tenant Isolation

1.4. Data Partitioning

1.5. Identity & Access

1.6. Management & Operations

1.7. Profiling & Optimising

1.8. Application Migration

1.9. Billing & Metering

1.10. Serverless SaaS

1.11. Deployment and Integration

2. AWS SaaS Marketplace

2.1. Business Applications

2.2. Developers

2.3. IT Pros

3. AWS SaaS Partner Program

3.1. Access to Technical Experts

3.2. Best Practices

3.3. Sandbox Credits

3.4. SaaS Enablement Content