Advising a company with investment business

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Advising a company with investment business by Mind Map: Advising a company with investment business

1. Meaning

1.1. Carries on a business....

1.2. consists wholly or partly....

1.3. of making investments.

2. Dividends

2.1. Taxable under Pt 9A...

2.1.1. Priority rule

2.2. unless an exemption applies

2.2.1. Small company Residence test Payer UK or... qualifying territory Not interest No deduction Not tax avoidance

2.2.2. Non-small company Falls in exempt class Not interest No deduction Anti-avoidance rule does not apply

2.2.3. Size test Staff < 50 and either... T'over <E10m or... BS <E10m Aggregation 2 year rules

3. Investment company

3.1. Meaning

3.1.1. Carries on a business...

3.1.2. consists wholly or mainly...

3.1.3. of making investments.

3.1.4. Not holding company of trading group

3.2. Share loss relief

3.2.1. Capital loss on trading subsidiary

3.2.2. Relief against income CY... then PY

3.2.3. Claim within 2 years

4. Management expenses

4.1. Meaning

4.1.1. Management of inv. business

4.1.2. Not unallowable purpose

4.1.3. Not capital

4.1.4. Not otherwise deductible

4.1.5. Not tax avoidance

4.2. Relief

4.2.1. Untaxed income?

4.2.2. Deduct to get TTP...

4.2.3. before LRNTD and donations

4.2.4. Group relief

4.2.5. Excess amount cfwd

4.3. Restrictions

4.3.1. Change in ownership?