Progressive Movement

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Progressive Movement by Mind Map: Progressive Movement

1. Workers During the late 1800s

1.1. The working conditions in the late 1800s were harsh, dirty, and dangerous.

1.2. The workers made 10 dollars a week.

1.3. A Labor union is a group of workers that negotiated with business owners to get better wages and better working conditions.

1.4. AFL is a labor union.

1.5. Samuel Gompers was the leader of the AFL.

1.6. AFL stands for American Federalization of Labor.

1.7. Collective Bargaining is when on person of the Labor union goes in to talk with the boss and represents everyone.

2. Muckrakers

2.1. Muckrakers were people in the late 1800s exposed problems by writing journals or a drawing.

2.2. Lewis Hine exposed child labor by posting photographs.

2.3. Thomas Nast exposed corruption by drawing cartoons.

2.4. Ida Wells expose racism and lynching by writing books.

2.5. Upton Sinclair exposed the unsanitary food people were eating you writing a book.

2.6. Ida Tarbell exposed the illegal deals that John D. Rockefeller was doing with railroad companies.

2.7. Muckrakers got their name from a character in John Bunyan’s book pilgrims progress.

2.8. Jacob Riis exposed how dirty peoples living conditions were.

3. Women’s Suffrage

3.1. A Suffragist is a person who is supporting the right for women to vote.

3.2. Alice Paul got arrested in front of the White House for blocking the sidewalk.

3.3. After they got arrested they started doing a hunger strike.

3.4. In 1920 the 19th amendment was passed.

3.5. In 1917 the National American Women suffrage Association had more than 2 million members.

3.6. In 1920 40 percent of college students were women.

3.7. During this time professional women were nurses or teachers.

3.8. The 19th amendment gave women the right to vote.

4. Corruption and Reform

4.1. The Spoils System was when people in the government gave their friends a job in the government.

4.2. The Pendleton act is the act where you have to pass a test to get a job in the government.

4.3. The Sherman antitrust act was used to break up monopolies and trust.

4.4. Teddy Roosevelt got the name trust buster because he broke up trust and monopolies.

4.5. The first monopoly Teddy Roosevelt broke up was the railroad industry.

4.6. Teddy Roosevelt also broke up the beef, oil, and tobaccos monopolies.

4.7. Teddy Roosevelt became president because William McKinley got assassinated.