Music Production

This is my mind map on music production.

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Music Production by Mind Map: Music Production

1. Beats Sales

1.1. Selling beats is always a good feeling because you're actually making money from the work you put in.

2. Mixing

2.1. A good mix can either make a break a beat.

3. Working with aritists

3.1. I want to working with more artists because they will help build my brand. Also, I just enjoy making music and collaborating with others.

4. Equipment

4.1. Equipment and software can get pretty expensive. That is also another reason why selling beats is great because the money you make, you can use to upgrade your equipment.

5. Humanities and Arts- Music Production relates to this becuase a lot of people would agree with me if I said music is art.

6. Sciences- I don't really see how music production could relate to science.

7. Social Sciences- When people listen to music they study it, or at least I do. Really hearing the composition of a song can make you think about it in an entirely different way.