Collaboration Timeline


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Collaboration Timeline by Mind Map: Collaboration Timeline

1. Growth in school

1.1. The Citizenship Award gave me the motivation to strive for the best.

1.2. Student Ambassador/Presenter on USA Flag Day.

1.3. I look back on my high school years as the most formative for my intellect.

1.4. A Graduate Program could keep my mind sharp.

1.5. After all my hard work, I ended up receiving one of the highest test grades in the class on my final proving to me that in the end hard work really does pay off.

1.6. money in life was not that important and that giving back to the community through charitable endeavors is not only important but a required payment for success.

1.7. A course generated deep interest in me to look into the theoretical aspects of cognition and learning, and gave me the confidence to do the M.A. in CCT at UMBOS.

1.8. Ruby Ridge (along with Waco in 1993) made me question the true extent of our so-called rights and recognize how precious they were to preserve, even when I vehemently disagreed with the views of people who were exercising them.

1.9. Even though I could read some simple music, I was actually stronger as an aural learner.

2. Growth through hardships

2.1. September 11th drastically changed me.

2.2. I missed school and I promised myself that I will put in my best when I can return to a classroom to learn.

2.3. Rehabilitation for alcoholism – a cathartic experience. It gave me courage and confidence to embrace my joi de vivre and enabled me to enter into the education field. It also gave me the courage to give up banking as a profession where I spent (toiled) for over 17 years.

2.4. The Death of John F.Kennedy

3. Growth through service

3.1. My recognition of value to volunteer to raise funds surpassing over a half a million dollars to build and establish a new Boys & Girls Club in the central valley of California to enable student to explore their multiple intelligences.

3.2. A service trip to the Dominican Republic

4. Growth through the inspiration of others

4.1. Meeting my current therapist in an information session.

4.2. I seriously regret that I did not keep in better touch with a teacher who highly impacted my life.

5. Frustration

5.1. Limited

5.1.1. Assumptions

6. Self

6.1. Expression

6.2. Motivating

6.3. Beneficial

6.4. Curious

6.5. Possibility

6.6. Discovery

6.7. Respect

6.8. Beneficial

6.9. Comfortable

7. Faith

8. Teamwork

8.1. Open-minded

8.2. Respect

8.3. Unity

8.4. Patience

8.5. Challenging

8.6. Innovative

8.7. Enlightening

8.8. Here and now

8.9. Beneficial

8.10. Format

8.10.1. Collaborative

8.11. Participation

8.12. Results

8.12.1. Data

8.12.2. Accomplishment

8.12.3. Empowered

8.13. Process

8.13.1. Authentic

9. Growth through experience

9.1. Work

9.1.1. My goal is to be the best teacher I could be and this is the only goal I should focus on at this moment.

9.1.2. Nothing beats learning hands on from the best in the biz.

9.1.3. From my work experience I have learned overtime that patience is necessary in order to be successful in life.

9.1.4. Truly believing, that most people do their jobs the best way they know how has taught me that acting with compassion, open-mindedness, and integrity are the only ways I can grow or effect change in my world.

9.1.5. A job showed me that I wanted to work harder, focus more on education and take advantage of opportunities.

9.2. Personal

9.2.1. money in life was not that important and that giving back to the community through charitable endeavors is not only important but a required payment for success.

9.2.2. Keep some perspective in the craziness that is our lives. We must not forget the little details that may seem insignificant at first. Each detail is worth something.

9.2.3. Casually expressing thoughts, feelings, and opinions not in a public forum but just in front of our official Chinese tour escort of our small group composed of a few citizens from America and Hong Kong---may result in our imprisonment in China for exercising our free speech about the Tiananmen Uprising.

9.2.4. It’s vital to think for yourself.

9.3. Work and Personal

9.3.1. Appearances are not always as they seem.

9.3.2. Asking for help when it just gets to be too much is important

9.3.3. It is important for me to be a life-time learner. My graduate diploma does not indicate my learning has ended.

9.3.4. Good research, I learned after a few embarrassing arguments, can save one a lot of embarrassment

9.3.5. Seeing all of the news stories about how information has compromised our national security (wikileaks) I have read as many books as possible on computer security to make sure I am as up to date as possible on any information that could help prevent something like that happening where I work.

10. Growth through self-motivation

10.1. I went after what I wanted, despite a general lack of interest among others, and wound up generating enthusiasm.This has been how I’ve approached my education since—both formal and informal.

10.2. most of my early sewing experience was self-taught. Independent learning is often a good learning tool