Tom Oakley

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Tom Oakley by Mind Map: Tom Oakley

1. Introduction- flash back to Willie's arrival

1.1. day started like every other

1.2. unexpected knock at the door

1.3. Billeting officer

1.4. specific instructions that this child was to live with a religious family

2. Thoughts on having Willie live with him

2.1. worried - doesn't know what Willie would usually do

2.2. concerned because he feels he needs to change something

2.3. distraught

2.4. Enjoying the company

2.5. sad because Willie is reminding him of the son he lost

2.6. Excited at his chance to make a difference in Willie's life

2.7. angry with what he has discovered

3. How has Tom's life changed?

3.1. happier

3.2. he has company

3.3. change in his routine

4. Realising Willie comes from a troubled home

5. Incident with Sammy