AP Themes

The ideas of the six major themes of AP French

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AP Themes by Mind Map: AP Themes

1. Global Challenges (Challenges that face our species today)

1.1. Gender Inequality

1.1.1. Employment

1.2. Economic Issues

1.2.1. Poverty

1.2.2. Starvation

1.2.3. Debt

1.3. Terrorism

1.3.1. War

1.3.2. Racism

2. Science & Technology (Advancements in various mediums)

2.1. Medical Advancements

2.1.1. Research

2.2. Technology

2.2.1. Construction Transportation needs improvement

2.2.2. Filters Water Landfills Recycling

2.2.3. Media Gaming Vidoes Music

3. The Search for Self (Learning one's identity and role in their world)

3.1. What's my overall purpose?

3.1.1. Vocation

3.1.2. Role in world

3.1.3. Ambitions

3.2. What do I believe?

3.2.1. Morals & Values

3.2.2. Religion

3.3. Conformity

3.3.1. Where do others' and my goals combine?

3.3.2. Where do others' goals oppress my own? Can I balance this?

4. Aesthetics (The importance of things' natural appearances)

4.1. Very modern

4.2. Renowned worldwide

4.2.1. Paris, for one, is seen as maybe the prettiest city in the world

4.3. France made first academy of architecture in Europe

4.4. What is beauty?

4.4.1. Changing styles/fashions

5. Contemporary Life (How exactly are things; what will happen in the future?)

5.1. Gaps in different areas

5.1.1. Education

5.1.2. Economic Status

5.1.3. Employment

5.1.4. Wages

5.2. Overpopulation

5.3. Seems to be worsening as time goes on

5.4. Politics

6. Family/Community (The importance of one's loved ones and their role in their community)

6.1. Morals

6.1.1. Right vs. Wrong

6.1.2. Society or family first?

6.2. Familial Bonds

6.2.1. How can I repay my family?

6.3. Community

6.3.1. What can I do for my community?

6.3.2. What can my community do for me?