3 Risks that could impact an Athletic program's Operation

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3 Risks that could impact an Athletic program's Operation by Mind Map: 3 Risks that could impact an Athletic program's Operation

1. Harassment

1.1. Types

1.1.1. Disabled: Student-athlete who is physically injured, someone who works in the department who has a mental disability Severity: Similar to Sexual in the sense that it would depend on whether there was physical abuse involved Frequency: Low

1.1.2. Sexual: Athletes or Department workers who are verbally or physical abused Frequency: High-Harassment tends to be a constant issue in sports, especially at the collegiate level Severity: Potentially Severe or Fatal depending on whether or not occurrences are physical

1.2. Potential for Liability: Someone could harass either a fellow coworker or student-athlete which could lead to negative publicity as well as lawsuits. Could also lead to firings due to administrators failing to know as well as act on situations

2. Injury

2.1. Examples

2.1.1. Falling Objects: Trees as well as Tree branches, lights/light poles, signage from facilities Frequency: Low-As long as maintenance is kept, objects tend to not move Severity: Severe-Fatal: If someone was hit by a tree branch or light pole, they could be seriously injured and could even cause death depending on situation

2.1.2. Slippery Surfaces: Wet floors or sidewalks from rain, snow or even paint Frequency: Medium-Can occur even with proper notification and signage in place (paint) Severity: Severe-Could cause serious injury if not paying attention

2.1.3. Weather Conditions: Wind, Rain, Snow, Frequency: High-Weather changes consistently which can lead to heavy snow and ice, wind storms, rain and heat Severity: Severe-Fatal: People could get injured in snow/ice accident, rain storm with lightning could cause injury due to lack of visibility, heat could lead to exhaustion/Dehydration and even stroke

2.2. Potential for Liability: Weather conditions could lead to serious injury and even death in some cases, leading to lawsuits and negative publicity. If people don't feel safety is a priority, they will choose to not come to your games, which leads to loss of revenue

3. Violence

3.1. On-court: Players/Coaches fighting, arguing with officials

3.1.1. Frequency: Medium-We have seen athletes fight each other before, even though it is varies from sport-to-sport. Severity: Minor/Major; Severe in unique cases-Most cases no punches are thrown, but athletes can need treatment from trainers due to altercation. The most severe case is the Malace at the Palace which involved 2 NBA teams and multiple players were throwing punches and fighting fans in the stands

3.2. Off-Court: Fans

3.2.1. Frequency: Medium-High-Most security staffs do not allow altercations to get very far, but there are cases where fans fight each in and out of stadiums and there are times where there is heavy physical contact, especially when alcohol is involved Severity: Severe-Fans can get seriously injured when fighting and can need to get serious medical attention

3.3. Potential for Liability: Players throwing punches can lead to suspensions, fines and negative publicity for individual, team and league. Fans can hurt large groups of people when fights are started, leading to potential injuries as well as lawsuits against other people and against organization.