3 Branch's of Government

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3 Branch's of Government by Mind Map: 3 Branch's of Government

1. What: What the legislative branch is in charge of doing is making laws that can then be voted on at a later time by the congress.

2. Executive

2.1. Who: The People involved in the executive branch are the President, vice president, the members of the cabinet, and the heads of independent agencies.

2.2. What: This branch is responsible for putting the laws the legislative branch create into effect. The head of this branch, or the president, is also responsible for being the commanding chief of the armed forces. This branch is able to execute, enforce and administer the laws that the Congress passes.

3. Judicial

3.1. Who: The Judicial branch is made of the Supreme Court. The people how make up the Supreme court are 9 justices, also called judge's. Their are 8 associate judges and 1 chief judge. These people are nominated by the president and the Senate.

3.2. What: The Judicial branch is in charge of overseeing the court system of the U.S. Through court cases.

4. Legislative

4.1. Who: The Legislative branch is made of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Their are 100 senators, two from each of the 50 states. In the house their are 435 representatives.