Storytelling Assignment

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Storytelling Assignment by Mind Map: Storytelling Assignment

1. Strategies for Reading Aloud to Young Children

2. We can evaluate what a child has learned

3. Newspapers / Magazines

4. What is Storytelling?

5. Where can good stories be found? Sources include...

5.1. Storybooks in the Library

5.2. Stories at home

5.3. Internet e.g. Youtube

5.4. Can create own stories

6. What do we learn from telling stories?

7. Why is storytelling valued?

8. How does storytelling help children & adults?

9. Useful Sources for Information

9.1. Play - Story Telling - National Childhood Network



9.4. Documents | Storytellers of Ireland

10. Storytelling Techniques

10.1. Evaluate some of the techniques she used. Is there anything you would do differently?

11. Aim: Personal to you

11.1. Evaluate some techniques and select the one you chose