The Biggest Hurdle to Flipping Your Class

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The Biggest Hurdle to Flipping Your Class by Mind Map: The Biggest Hurdle to Flipping Your Class

1. Stepping Back from an Old Model

1.1. School has been the same way for many years

1.2. don't want to give up lecture time

1.3. teachers like being the center of attention and enjoyed engaging a whole group of students

1.4. flipping would mean giving up control of the learning of the students

2. Teaching Learners

2.1. What is the point of class time when all they get out of it is watching a video for content?

2.2. Students took ownership for their learning

2.3. Students were "learning how to learn."

2.4. The content is now about the process of learning.

3. Alternative Assessments

3.1. Students are able to SHOW what they learned without taking a traditional test.

3.2. students enjoyed designing things like games, making videos, and doing art projects.

4. My thoughts on this article:

4.1. I completely agree with the hesitation the author of this article had about flipping their classroom. I, myself, would be very fearful at first because I am used to the way I do things now and I find it to be successful the way it is. I am curious to see, however, what flipping a few subjects would do in my classroom.