P: Create a logo for the SFS film festival

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P: Create a logo for the SFS film festival by Mind Map: P: Create a logo for the SFS film festival

1. Visually attractive

1.1. Consistent theme

1.1.1. Modern

1.1.2. Minimal

1.2. Consistent color scheme

1.2.1. B&W

1.2.2. Red, Black, White

1.2.3. Red - Orange

1.2.4. Blue

2. Minimal & Simplistic

2.1. Usage of Logo System

2.1.1. Wordmark

2.1.2. Pictorial relevance to film/camera

2.1.3. Abstract iconography

3. Convey the purpose of the film festival

3.1. Share films with young students who are interested in or passionate about film making

3.1.1. Emphasis on passion

3.2. Platform for students to be creative and share their work with others

3.2.1. Emphasis on creativity and community

4. Appropriate and suitable to the occasion

4.1. Appropriate to the general mood of the festival

4.1.1. Casual Smart casual

4.1.2. Formal

4.1.3. Sophisticated

4.2. Hosted by SFS - SFS Film Festival

4.2.1. School spirit School colors

4.2.2. Represent SFS

5. Inspiration

5.1. Different types of logos on the website

5.1.1. Different logo types

5.1.2. Film Festival Logos

6. Software

6.1. Adobe Illustrator

6.2. Other Logo Creating Websites