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PD 2: The Road by Mind Map: PD 2: The Road

1. The son does not know what the states were and his father was unable to explain them

2. Journey

2.1. "It took two days to cross that ashen scabland" Page 16

2.2. Traveling South to reach warm weather

2.3. They travel through a mountainous region and encounter a barn in which multiple bodies are found.

2.4. When they reach the city they search the outskirts and markets for supplies and food

2.5. throughout their journey they see familiar places that are destroyed and in ruin

3. Compassion and forgiveness

3.1. Compassion is tainted because of the conditions of the world

3.2. Compassion is seen in the Boy

3.3. Compassion isn't required but is given

4. Spirituality/ Faith

4.1. Some characters believe in God and other do not.

4.2. Events in the story lead reader to believe God may not exist

4.3. The main character goes back and forth between believing and not believing in God

5. Good vs Evil

5.1. The father and son represent the good left in a world full of evil.

5.1.1. Their journey represents good vs the evil apocalyptic world.

5.2. The son has a nightmare about an evil penguin

6. Isolation

6.1. They are the only two people left

6.1.1. No other human interaction

6.2. No other human interaction

6.3. Deal with the death and nightmare

6.4. The Man discussed God being gone

6.5. Alexa's added ideas (Disney) *the dog represents hope and civilization *they come across other people trying to live *now they worry more about not being alone *they take turn loosing hope and wanting to end it

6.6. Alexa, Caitlin, Olivia

7. Death and Violence

7.1. All life has died

7.2. the disaster ruined everything

7.3. Dead bodies everywhere

7.4. Looking out for "death" (Cannibal gangs)

7.5. The man is coughing up blood

7.6. Talk about saving a woman

7.7. Alexa's added ideas (Disney) *not much violence has occurred except with encounters with the "bad men" *no new deaths, but we learn the woman committed suicide *the man did have to kill someone *they are both getting closer to dying of starvation *the boy talks about wanting to die

7.8. Alexa, Caitlin, Olivia

8. Dream/Memories

8.1. The father reminisces a time on the lake when they go past the dam

8.1.1. Later they go into the father's old house where he grew up The father reminisces over his old memories of his family. The son is scared the entire time he and his father are in his old home.

8.2. The father reads old newspapers after he and his son settle in the abandoned house

8.3. The father continually dreams about his late wife

8.4. Has good, peaceful dreams often

8.4.1. forces himself to wake up from these dreams for he sees that indulging in these good dreams is a sense of giving up

8.4.2. dreams of walking through a field of flowers with blue sky and birds

8.5. The father tries to teach his son old card games