Art Committee Goals

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Art Committee Goals by Mind Map: Art Committee Goals

1. Wish List: Macbook, external hard drive, gift cards, frames, matting, camera, lighting

1.1. Rolling closet for costumes/props

1.2. Sink in MG

1.3. Refer to shared document

1.4. Mini white boards (save paper!)

1.5. Model room after Simply Jane

1.5.1. Chairs specific to art room. Paint chairs

1.5.2. Create environment that facilitates creativity

2. Grants/Fundraising

2.1. Art themed FFF

2.1.1. Make a quilt

2.1.2. Will need time to plan and create

2.1.3. Bags with photos

2.2. Grant: VSA. Due Feb 1

2.3. Grant for film equipment. End product is movie fest

3. CHOICE Coloring Book

3.1. Would need Adobe. Use partcipant drawings

4. Merch to Sell

4.1. CHOICE Calendar

4.2. Totebags

4.3. Tshirts

4.3.1. Kelli knows someone at Shutterfly

4.4. Mugs

4.5. Keychans

5. Talent Show

5.1. Fall 2019

5.2. Community Center or church. Need more space. Library. Chaska community center may have a stage. Normandale Church?

5.3. After hours event? Need to work out logistics. Could do half film/half live to work around potential no-shows

6. Movie showing at a theater

6.1. 2 space movies

6.2. Cassidy looking into theaters: Parkway and Trylon: $160/hour. Min 2 hours. Can only charge $1 per ticket. What about New Hope Cinema Grill?

6.3. Hip hop theaters

7. Activities

7.1. Wall Mural at sites

7.1.1. Tuesday collaboration?

7.1.2. Glow in the dark paint

7.1.3. Window paint

7.2. Karaoke

7.3. Goodie bags project

7.4. Photography

7.5. Microscope: Draw what you see

7.6. Create something to display for Muffins w/moms, etc

7.6.1. Dance like your dad. Looping videos

7.7. Seed art for MN State Fair.

7.7.1. Crafts building: Display quilt or knitted items. Need to plan in advance

7.8. Clay

7.8.1. U of M or a high school

7.9. CHOICE canvas painting: Simply jane style

7.10. Movies

8. Marketing/Branding

8.1. Promotional Video. Film at all sites

8.2. Name of arts program

8.3. Newsletter: Send photos and story ideas to Cassidy

9. Organizaton

9.1. Need more space at MG

9.1.1. Uniform bins

9.2. Sink at MG?

10. Volunteers

10.1. Scrapbook moms--can we solicit for other 2 sites?

10.2. Invite artists to come in/demos, talk about their art

11. Outings

11.1. John at Mocha Monkey-clay actvity

12. Partnerships

12.1. Artistry

12.2. EP Center for ARts

12.3. Simply Jane

12.4. U of M or a high school

12.5. Art Shanty