Writing Your life

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Writing Your life by Mind Map: Writing Your life

1. Happiness

1.1. Unlimited time and unlimited money

1.1.1. August Pay someone to remove barriers to charity. Get money to the places you want it to go.

1.1.2. Cindy uncomfortable, needs a reason to get up in the morning Help people that are less fortunate, was a special needs teacher pre-children

1.2. 5-10 years of life, unlimited money

1.2.1. August Build facility, live in penthouse, operations below, fund and maintain different projects; charity, entertainment, no interest in politics

1.2.2. Cindy Buy round the world airfare, take kids and all family

1.3. A week left...

1.3.1. August Throw my own funeral, celebrating life, get a great New Orleans band Fight it, take a load off Live life with a bigger purpose

1.3.2. Cindy Throw a big party with entire family, celebrate life make it to see one grandchild

2. Goals

2.1. Short Term 0-3 years

2.1.1. Professionally Enjoys working with clients at a reasonable rate win efficiently Keep this up for a few more years 5 years committing to shutting down Write a screenplay make a sizzle reel to sell idea

2.1.2. Personally Happy Travel Europe Next Destinations Inside US Keep family together during the holidays Xmas/Thanksgiving At the house -- not budgeting anything Family trips every 3 years Horses - dude ranch Get healthy!!

2.1.3. Financially Grandparents!! have a place nearby so that they can visit Currently in the San Francisco area, may move at some point Can envision bouncing around the country spending time with the family and new grandkids Help contribute to college funds for grandkids (529 plans) 5 Grandbabies Launch a theatrical play set aside $5000 When? Screenplay shooting and cutting sizzle reel When? Buy a new/used car... $40k August Good Invest in Real Estate with Brad (Son) $300k is a safe number

2.2. Mid Term 3-10 years

2.2.1. Personal August continue acting Travel keep knocking places off the bucket list Don't buy a boat

2.2.2. Financial Might need a car though...

2.3. Long Term 10+ years

2.3.1. Personal Where will we end up living on a long-term basis? single story close to family Do we want to still live in California? Back to the midwest? Slower pace of living

2.3.2. Financial What are potential costs to assisted living, etc

3. Big Dreams

3.1. Cindy

3.1.1. Keep life simple, see all family as much as possible

3.2. August

3.2.1. Fly a plane at some point

3.2.2. Go to a charitable Gala as a valued guest, raise or give money to those in need. Charities that are supportive of children.

3.2.3. Be completely self actualized, don't feel guilty because you aren't working, be a highly efficient person

4. What does money mean to you?

4.1. August

4.1.1. Gives you the ability to do the things you want to do.

4.2. Cindy

4.2.1. Security blanket Nervous to see net worth fluctuate