Changes in application

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Changes in application by Mind Map: Changes in application

1. Corporation Partnerships

1.1. offer the company a certain amount of revenue

1.2. Be able to offer more services for the customer.

1.3. offer benefits to the company

1.3.1. gain popularity

1.4. Target department stores

1.4.1. Expanding the business

2. Cater to Age Groups

2.1. Provide for all age groups

2.2. expand to a bigger audience

2.3. grow popularity

2.4. versatility

3. Enough Delivery Drivers

3.1. Fast home delivery

3.2. Drivers available in all locations

3.3. more stores will be available in all locations

4. Enough Store Options

4.1. Customer Loyalty

4.2. More available clothing options

4.3. Flexibility

5. Delivery Fee

5.1. comfortably affordable

6. Costumer

7. Business

8. Privacy Issues

8.1. location stays private