mexican revolution

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1. P___________ O_________

2. P______ D___

2.1. He resigned on1910

2.2. He exile himself to France

3. Francisco Madero

3.1. He run for election against Diaz

3.2. Diaz requested his arrest

3.3. He visit different states in Mexico and Decided to made some allies

3.3.1. In Chihuaha he met F_____ V_____

3.3.2. In Cd. Juarez _________________

3.3.3. In Puebla ____________________

3.3.4. In Morelos ___________________

4. Once Madero achived the power the allies divided in two

4.1. Team #1 they were agree to Madero

4.1.1. F_________V________

4.2. V_________H______ (he was from military, he was ruthless)

4.3. Team #2 they were against Madero because he never he forgot his promises

4.3.1. E__________ Z__________

5. After V. Huerta Betrayed Madero the alliances changed so now the teams were this way

5.1. Team on Favor of Huerta

5.1.1. P_________ O_______ came back from USA to help Huerta but his forces fighting on several front

5.2. Team against Huerta

5.2.1. ______________________

5.2.2. _______________________

5.2.3. V__________ C_________ a new character who used to be Coahula's Governor

5.2.4. A___________ O__________ he was a farmer and inventor

6. Once the Big Four made Huerta escaped to USA, instead on decided who will be the next president they were divided again

6.1. Team #2

6.1.1. ______________ __became the new president, he considered that he deserved to be president because he used to be governor

6.1.2. _______________ he was the wild card who chose to stay supporting the new president but he agreed with the new president, that after his presidential period, the next one he will be the next president

6.2. Team #1

6.2.1. _____________ He wanted to be president but nobody supported him

6.2.2. __________________ He was against anyone who entered his fiefdom