Distinctive Features of a Catholic School

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Distinctive Features of a Catholic School by Mind Map: Distinctive Features of a Catholic School

1. History of Catholic Education

1.1. Culture is essential to Catholic schools

1.1.1. Links to building good schools..

1.2. Battle between the Catholics and Protestants

1.2.1. Irish (Catholic community) have always been disempowered by the english.

1.3. Catholic strategy to build and expand.

1.3.1. Only schools offering secondary schooling Offered more opportunities for learning

1.4. Funding issue

1.4.1. Catholic strategy to fight back Political response= funding from the government. New funds allowed for new direction. Catholic schools represented what the Australian community looks like.

2. The Curriculum & Catholic Schools

2.1. Similar to Australian national curriculum

2.1.1. Catholic curriculum adds: total life of the school and full christian development of all students. Gospel values embedded in the curriculum

2.2. Nine learning areas in Catholic curriculum

2.2.1. Religious Education is number one. Promotes knowledge and understanding Spirit.

2.3. A religious dimension

2.3.1. Journey for full human development.

3. "Why" Catholic Schools

3.1. Core beliefs and values

3.1.1. Greater pastoral care Holistic education

3.2. The Mandate

3.2.1. Connects Catholic schools to the life of the Church and belief in Christ.

3.3. To evangelise

3.3.1. Achieved in schools by striving to be good schools and teaching students to integrate faith, culture and life. Proclaim the good news. Challenge: practical atheism.

3.4. The curriculum

3.4.1. Involves the head, heart and hands

3.5. The school community

3.5.1. Enriches students faith experiences

4. The Mandate

4.1. An authorisation to act given to a representative.

4.1.1. Authorises Catholic schools to act on their behalf Distinctive ethos for Catholic schools

4.2. Made up of four parts: the presence of God, witness of the Catholic school, curriculum in the Catholic school and the Catholic school community.

4.3. Promote justice

4.4. Teach young people to reflect deeply on the meaning of life

4.4.1. Catholic understanding of what it is to be fully human. Connects to transformation.

4.5. No exclusion from Catholic schools. Goes against feature of being a school for ALL.

4.6. God is at the heart of what life is about.