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Zeus by Mind Map: Zeus
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Numerous people believed in a god named Zeus Known to be god of the sky and weather and his picture was on greek coins One of seven wonders of the world Ruler of olympus Known by numerous of tittles for ex lord of sky, the cloud-gather, the rain-god- and Zues the thunder the 6th child born strong, glourious, smart Overthrew his father Cronos More Powerfull than all other Gods put together.  


God Of the Netherworld Brother Of Zeus Kidnapped the daughter of the Godess of the Harvest, making winter through her grief. Weilds a septar and wheres a helmet that can make him invisible.  


Dauther of Zeus God of Wisdom, War, Music. When she was born Zeus tried to kill her however she outsmarted him and escaped thus earning a close place in Zeus's heart and a place among the olypian gods and goddesses.    


God of the Seas, Storms and eart, otherwise known as Neptune. Brother of Zeus He weilds a weapon known as a trident. This weapon can shatter any object. Ships rely on him to make safe journeys.    


Son of Zeus Messenger of the Gods God of theives, beggers tricksters, etc. He was worshipped in Greece. He is known for his swiftness and athletics. He had a duty to guide souls of the dead to the underworld.  


Possibly Daughter of Zeus Goddes of Love, Bueaty. She was loved by many Gods and Mortals. She can make anyone fall in love with her. Since so many people desired her, Zeus decided to hurry and marry her to Hephaestus.  


Son of Zeus God of Music, Plage, Archery