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King David by Mind Map: King David

1. David grieves for Saul and Jonathan.

1.1. Humility

1.2. Compassion

1.3. Values lives, even of enemys

2. David conquers Jerusalem

2.1. Vision of the Future

2.1.1. Ark of God

2.2. Celebrate Success

2.2.1. gave food to the men and women

2.3. Listens to the people

2.3.1. Leads them toward the shared vision

3. David assassinates Uriah

3.1. Shows Weakness and Faults

3.1.1. Owns up to Mistakes

4. Absalom Rebels

4.1. Clarifies David's weakness as leader

4.2. Mourns his sons death

4.2.1. Humble King

4.2.2. Failures in judgement have consequences