FlexPod 2019

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FlexPod 2019 by Mind Map: FlexPod 2019

1. Decision Tree

1.1. Problem

1.1.1. #1 The MDS9148 can only accommodate approximately 25 more hosts due to memory constraints.

1.2. Solution1: Upgrade MDS9148 to MDS9396 in place, Add AFF800 to Existing ushoustor10, Use Existing UCS Domains, if required

1.2.1. Pros No new SVMs required No Additional Management of Storage Cluster Netapp Volume Motion Available Dont have to buy new FIs

1.2.2. Cons High Risk Possible Downtime Existing ushoustor10 nodes will require upgrading to Ontap 9.5

1.2.3. votes Ryan Femi Bui Hoang JP

1.2.4. Timeline SAN UPGRADE AFF800 ADD

1.3. Solution2: Create an Isolated SAN, Create New ushoustor12, Create New UCS Domain

1.3.1. Pros NO Risk to current environment No upgrades to MDS 9148 required "No Touch" Flexpod with current INFR ushoustor10 does not need to upgrades to Ontap9.5

1.3.2. Cons New SVMs required Additional Management of Storage Cluster NO Netapp Volume Motion to existing cluster, snapmirror or vmotion required New FIs required

1.3.3. Votes HT JT CK

1.3.4. Timeline AFF 800

1.4. New Kit

1.4.1. Today 3 NON SAN VDI 7 SAN Nodes

1.4.2. New Kit Order ? Deliver Mar 1 Added March 7th


2.1. High Level

2.1.1. Greenspoint SAN MDS9148 MDS9396

2.2. Mid Level

2.2.1. Greenspoint SAN MDS9148 MDS9396

2.3. SVM Level

2.3.1. Greenspoint SAN MDS9148 MDS9396

2.4. Island View

2.4.1. MDS9148 ushoustor10 HA HA HA HA HA EsxOra Hosts EsxSql Hosts EsxGeneral Hosts

2.4.2. MDS9396 ushoustor12 EsxOra2 Hosts EsxGeneral2 Hosts EsxSql2 Hosts

3. Timeline

3.1. Week1 1/27

3.1.1. Week2 2/3 Week3 Week4 UCS Cabling MDS Racked A800 Kit Delivered UCS Kit Delivered MDS Kit Delivered A800 Racked

3.1.2. A800 Rack Space Assigned

3.1.3. MDS Kit Rack Assigned

3.1.4. UCS Kit Rack Space Assigned