Math IA Topic: Diseases

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Math IA Topic: Diseases by Mind Map: Math IA Topic: Diseases

1. Pandemics

1.1. Overpopulation

1.1.1. Related Math: Limits

1.1.2. Related Math: Probability of contracting communicable diseases with increase in a population

1.1.3. Related Math: Statistics and data

1.2. Measles

1.2.1. Related Math: Exponential and Logarithmic growth

2. Genetic Disorders/ Diseases

2.1. Down Syndrome

2.1.1. Related Math: Probability of inheritance

2.1.2. Related Math: Correlation between age of mothers and Down Syndrome occurrence

2.2. Klinefelter Syndrome

2.2.1. Related math: Probability of inheritance

2.3. Inheritance

2.3.1. Related math: Independent probability

2.3.2. Related Math: Mutually exclusive probability

3. Cancer

3.1. Uncontrolled cell growth

3.1.1. Related math: Derivatives (Rate of growth)

3.1.2. Related Math: Exponential and Logarithmic growth

3.1.3. Related math: Statistics and cell growth

3.2. Cancer Treatments (i.e. chemotherapy)

3.2.1. Related math: Correlation between cancer treatment and rate of cell growth (Statistics)

4. Mental Health

4.1. Depression

4.1.1. Related math: Correlation between countries and number of diagnosed Depression cases (Statistics)

4.1.2. Suicide Related Math: Correlation between countries and suicide rates (Statistics)

4.2. Anxiety

4.2.1. Related math: Correlation between countries and Anxiety occurrences (Statistics)

5. Access to Medicine

5.1. Healthcare Centers

5.1.1. Related Math: Correlation between availability of healthcare centers and mortality rates (Statistics)

5.2. Universal Healthcare

5.2.1. Related Math: Correlation between life expectancy and healthcare status

5.2.2. Related math: Statistics and data

6. Bacteria

6.1. Related Math: Exponential and Logarithmic growth of bacteria

6.2. Related Math: Derivatives (Rate of growth)