Causes of WWII

Cause and Effect Map for the Outcome of WWI

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Causes of WWII by Mind Map: Causes of WWII

1. World War 1

1.1. German Reparations

1.1.1. Left Germany in Ruins.

1.1.2. Starving Population & Government in Chaos

1.2. Redistribution of Land

1.2.1. Change in Germany's boundaries and other causes led to Germany in a state of depression

1.2.2. Hitler took advantage and spoke to people how they were cheated and should of never deserved this

1.3. Powerlessness of League of Nations

1.3.1. Was not able to stop invasion of Manchuria by Japan or annexation of Ethiopia by Italy

1.3.2. France and Britain started negotiating with Germany about Treaty of Versailles

2. Economic Problems

2.1. Worldwide Depession

2.1.1. Created unstable governenments

2.1.2. Hitler became leader of Germany by promising wealth and power

2.2. Inflation

2.2.1. Inflation in Germany

2.2.2. Led to nobody being able to pay for necessary items Increased nationalism

2.3. Unemployment

2.3.1. Unemployment rates went down and that led to more people working Led to more weapons and soldiers

3. International Relations

3.1. Appeasement

3.1.1. Nations of Europe didn't want another war

3.1.2. Tried to meet Hitler's demands and keep him happy

3.1.3. Hitler became bolder

3.1.4. Policy of Appeasement The ability for Germany to expand its territory without being checked on Rapidly increased territory and resources

3.2. Japanese Expansionism

3.2.1. Before WWII, Japan was growing rapdily

3.2.2. Island Nation - no land

3.2.3. Started to invade nearby countries

3.2.4. Had taken over Korea and a part of China before WWII

3.3. American Isolationism

3.3.1. American had its own problems

3.3.2. Conflict was in Europe and America wanted to be neutral

3.3.3. Congressional meetings concluded that the U.S. was brought into WWI by manufacturers and the Allied powers

3.4. Increase in Militarism

3.4.1. Hitler secretly started building up an army and weapons

3.4.2. War was incorporated in all levels of society including schools

4. Clashing Ideologies

4.1. Anti-Communism

4.1.1. Many governments chose fascism over communism This led to one leader controlling one powerful country

4.2. Rise of Facism

4.2.1. After WWI, many countries were ruled by fascist dictators Mussolini - Italy Hitler - Germany

4.3. Rise of Nazism

4.3.1. Hitler won Germany's heart with hope and propoganda

4.3.2. He rearmed Germany and started to expand his "empire" starting with Austria

4.4. Rise of Nationalism

4.4.1. Leaders of the Axis Powers were able to rise to power by hyping up the citizens and increase their hate for all the other countries.