Multiple Intelligences Theory

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Multiple Intelligences Theory by Mind Map: Multiple Intelligences Theory

1. linguistic

1.1. writer, the student could be in charge of the written component of the project

1.2. uses language effectively

1.3. write an essay

2. musical

2.1. in a group, this student could serve as a creator, director

2.2. understands and communicates through music

2.3. write a song or analyse song lyrics

3. logical mathematical

3.1. in a group, this student could be in charge of data analysis or charts

3.2. patterns, test hypotheses

3.3. create a chart, display facts or defend and argument with logic

4. bodily kinesthetic

4.1. this student could contribute as creator, presenter

4.2. uses tools and body skillfully

4.3. could act out a scene rather than write an essay

4.4. these students could be paired with linguistic st. to complement each other's strengths in a project

5. intrapersonal

5.1. a good role for this student would be as a proofreader, editor

5.2. self-aware

5.3. journal writing

6. interpersonal

6.1. this student could be a good project coordinator, group leader

6.2. relates well with others

6.3. make connections with characters, explain character development

7. naturalist

7.1. unsure what the best role would be for this student in a group - any suggestions?

8. spatial

8.1. this student could work on presentation aesthetics

8.2. visual, can create things after seeing them

8.3. create a scene from a story with visuals , draw characters